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Some information about our hotel and owners.

How it all started....

Royal View Resort is very close to my heart as I was raised right here on this nice piece of land.

The house of my parents was a 2-floor big wooden house as I remember. It was big compared to other houses in the center of Bangkok and sometimes I thought it is too big for us 4 people in the family.

Our house was surrounded by huge trees and people referred to it as the ‘garden house’ which was nice to hear.

As Bangkok city kept on developing in a rapid pace, land become more and more valuable and most of our neighbors did already build their own apartment or condo building. Our area is somehow lucky as the government has a nice park project right in front of our land.

My late father did see the potential of this central area here in Bangkok and decided to build a hotel and my beloved house where I spend so much time in my childhood was gone.

We did not have enough money to do so, so we took a loan from the Bank. We not even had the experience with construction or running a hospitality business. Construction took much longer than we anticipated, surly because of our innocence in this field. We, however, somehow managed to go through it all without realizing that the biggest challenge was still to come! – We had to learn how to run a hotel!

It was such a rough ride, that we not even remember for sure on which day we opened the hotel for our first guests. We opened just a few floors at that time; however, I am confident we had our first guest in September 2008.

When the hotel opened, I was just 21 years old and I struggled a lot. We lacked on expertise and employees. I remember me carrying luggage, washing dishes and cleaning tables at more or less the same time. What a time!!

Now, only a few years later, the hotel is settled well, but we realized that we have to focus even more on the operation and we are currently implementing lots of new systems, standards and procedures to bring the hotel to the next level and make the operation truly professional.

I did also post some picture I found here at this side which reminds me on my childhood right here where we have now a hotel. Whenever I will discover some new picture I will post them here.

Thank you for choosing my hotel and please let me know whenever you have any comments or suggestions.

Sincerely yours

Mr. Panthep Chanprasiti

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