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Additional Facilities and Services at our Bangkok Hotel.

It is our aim to make your stay at Royal View Resort as comfortable as possible. For this, we are providing you with the below mentioned services and facilities to ensure you will feel comfortable at all times without hassle and stress.


"Chaba" Massage Center.

This services will be available as of August 2010.

At our massage center we provide only authentic Thai and Foot Massages. We regret to inform that we do not provide Spa treatments as such and that the service is only availble at the massage center and not in your room.

In Thailand, Thai massage is one of the branches of Traditional Thai Medicine (TTM), now recognized and regulated by the government, and is widely considered to be a medical discipline used for the treatment of a wide variety of ailments. On the other hand, Thai massage is also practiced and taught by a number of non-medical massage technicians in the spa and tourism industries. In North America and Europe, an increasing number of practitioners and teachers of Thai massage have emerged since the 1990s. In Europe, the United States, Thai massage is a growing modality among clients of massage clinics and massage therapists seeking continuing education.


Limousine and taxi service.

Bangkok offers a huge variety of public transport. We got Hotel Limousines, Public Taxi, Motorbike Taxi, Public Buses, Mini Van Service, Sky Train, Subway Train, Tuk-Tuks etc. However, Bangkoks traffic can be horrible and sometimes frustrating. We highly recommend you to stick to the Hotel Limousine Service, Public Taxi Meter or Sky-Train and Subway Trains. In case you use Taxi-Meter, please always ensure the "Meter" is switched on with a starting fee of Thai Baht 35.-.

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